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London Marathon Packages with Guaranteed Entry



Arrive at London. Please make your own way to the hotel. Runbuk crew will assist you to check in. Enjoy free time for the rest of the day.



Join us for a morning shake-out run before breakfast - it's a great way to start your free day!

For those who have booked the Saturday Add-on Package: We have arranged a chartered bus to the Expo, followed by a city tour with a local guide in the afternoon, and a buffet dinner in the evening.

Meals: Breakfast

Red London City tour busPeaple in a room prepairing for london marathon

Race Day

Runbuk crew will assist you to get to the start via train (free for runners). Enjoy the run! Our crew will wait in the finish area to assist you to walk back to the hotel.

Meals: Breakfast



Check out the hotel by noon time. Continue your trip to the next destination or fly back home with the London Marathon medal!

Meals: Breakfast

Hotel options

Luxory hotel in london
Luxury 5-star
Corinthia Hotel

One of the best hotels in London and a favorite among celebrities and business elites. Our marathon team will have a private restaurant for daily buffet breakfast and complimentary access to the luxurious spa floor with various amenities.

Luxory hotel in london
The Royal Horseguards

The Royal Horseguards is located at 2 Whitehall Ct at the heart of London, within walking distance from the marathon finish line. Plus, there is direct train from the hotel to the marathon start. Package includes daily breakfast and tax.

Hotel in London
Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London

An iconic hotel featuring contemporary design and stylish rooms. Overlooking the Westminster Bridge, the hotel is close to the marathon finish area.

Bedroom in the hotel in london
Park Plaza County Hall

Park Plaza County Hall London is ideally located just south of Westminster Bridge overlooking the River Thames with spectacular views across London, within walking distance from the marathon finish area.

Hotel in london
The Clermont Victoria

The hotel is located at 101 Buckingham Palace Rd, within walking distance from the marathon finish line. Plus, there is direct train from the hotel to the marathon start. Package includes daily breakfast and tax.

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The questions presented here have been raised by runners who previously participated in the London Marathon with Runbuk. John O'Regan and the Runbuk Team have provided the following answers. Please note that information about the event may change without prior notice, and the final instructions should be obtained from the official Event Guide available on the London Marathon website. Participants should also receive an email containing a link to download the Event Guide approximately 2 weeks before the event.

luxory Corinthia Hotel in London
How do we get to the marathon start on Sunday morning?

Runbuk: On marathon Sunday, runners can enjoy a complimentary train ride from our hotels to the marathon start, which lasts about 25 minutes. The train schedule will be displayed in the hotel lobby on Saturday, allowing you to select the appropriate train. Additionally, Runbuk team will be available to accompany runners to the train stations and platforms on Sunday morning. Once you get off the train, it's an easy walk to the Assembly Areas.

How far ahead of the start time would you suggest arriving at the start area?

John:  My thoughts are to get there as early as possible.  Allow time to relax and settle your nerves before the race starts.

Runbuk: Your designated wave/corral is determined by the estimated finish time you have provided (which can be updated via your "Participant dashboard" before March 19th). The fastest runners will begin at 9:40AM, and the slowest runners won't cross the start line until 11AM.

Are there places to discard clothing (fleece, if cold)?

Runbuk: Yes, you can discard them in the start area. They will be recycled and donated to charities.

John: Be aware of items discarded after the race starts as they can become trip hazards. This can sometimes be the result of someone tying an item of clothing around their waist and it coming loose.

Are there enough Portaloos, and best place to use them during the race?


✤ I would say they have just enough but this can also depend on the amount of time you have available before the race. The closer to the start time then the longer the queue.

✤ Try to go before the Start and be conscious of your fluid intake to lessen the chances of needing a stop.  There will be Portaloos along the course and will be less busier after 10 Miles.  Bear in mind that you must stop then when you return you'll be in with a new group of runners.

Water stations / aid stations / water bottle belt?


Water stations at miles 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 along the course.

Sports drinks stations at miles 9, 15, 21, and 23.

Gels are available at mile 14 and mile 19.


✤ Be careful with the carbohydrate drink in cups as any spillage will be sticky and annoying. Take your time drinking it as refueling can make the difference towards the end of the race.  Remember you stop your car when refilling it.

✤ The hydration zones can be busy but personally I've always managed to use them. If you do plan on using the race provided hydration / fueling then you'd need to try anything other than water before the race day.  

✤ The organizers recommend water belts but again this is something I'd suggest trying before the race day.

Is the course marked by miles or kilometers?

Runbuk: Each mile and 5K point will be clearly marked on the route, and a clock will show the running time, based on the actual start time (not elapsed time).

Are pacers announced by time/corrals? I would love to run with a pacer.

Runbuk: In the previous year, pacers were available every 15 minutes for finish times ranging from 3 hours to 7 hours 30 minutes. We anticipate the same this year.

John: The pacers will be in the Starting Pen that you'll be allocated based on your predicted finish time.

Course strategy / tips


✤ Be cautious at the start and be aware of the ground in front of you. I have seen runners trip over discarded clothing or other fallen items.  

✤ Don't be in a rush to get going and use the forced early pace to allow you get into a rhythm.  

✤ Only start your watch from when you cross the timing mat after crossing the Start Line. This can take a few minutes from when the Race officially starts

✤ The Mile markers will be visible well in advance you will also hear the entertainment around them.

✤ Use this to check your pacing and try not to get carried away with the energy around them.

The best and worst part of the course?

John: I like it all. I think it to be a very interesting and atmospheric course. You can decide on the answer to this question as you look back over the day. Cutty Sark and Tower Bridge are two of the most popular locations for the race photographers so have you race number visible and look up for the camera.

How often do we need to take a gel?

John: This is a hard one to answer as it depends on the runner and how they've trained. Have you used them in training? If yes then follow a similar plan. Don't try anything new on race day.

Is the running surface mostly asphalt or concrete?

John: The road surface is mostly asphalt with some concrete. I had to check this because when you are running you don't see a lot of it.

I’ve hears it’s flat but some say it has hills. Which is it?


✤ The race is mostly flat but has a long downhill between Mile 2 & 3.  Apart from that the course has very gentle changes in elevation.

✤ Mile 13 -14 can sometimes be challenging as you will see runners on the opposite side of the road running in the opposite direction towards mile 22-23.  If you are lucky then you might see some of the elite runners and remember that soon enough you be running on the opposite side of the road as you journey towards the finish.

✤ Within the last 3 miles you run through Blackfriars Underpass and for a moment you lose all the cheering crowd.  You then come out and onto Embankment where the crowd prepare to cheer you on the last leg of the journey.


We has created 3D elevation maps of all 6 World Marathon Majors, which you can view here.

Most & least crowded spots for runners?


✤ The Race Start can feel quite busy but there's always room to move. There are 3 separate start lines to thin out the crowd and these then meet just before the 3 mile mark.  Be ready for this.

✤ If you have submitted a finish time of faster than 3hr30 then the course won't be as congested.  Slower than 3hr30 gets busier. If your expect to finish after 4 hours then it'll always be busy.

Most & least crowded spots for family/friends?

John: The least crowed spots along the way might not allow a quick transfer back towards the finish area. The halfway point is also the start of an out and back section with runners returning on the opposite side of the road from mile 21 and on to Mile 23. Tower gateway might be the closest Tube Station. If you manage to see your Runner between mile 13 - 14 then you can move along the river to Mile 23-24. This allows time to travel towards the finish area.

Best neighborhoods and sites along the route?

John: There's good support all along the route and I especially like the section around Canary Wharf as it's a good lift as you approach the last part of the route. The tall building can affect your GPS signal and if you are using your watch for pacing you need to be aware of this. Don't worry about any small changes in pace.

Best spot for family/friends to meet me?

John: The meeting area beyond the finish line is marked with 26 letters - it's a good place to meet up but it can be busy. Agree on a Letter and a time. Bear in mind that there could be a delay with either party getting there. I would suggest a plan for 30 mins after the finish and then a back up plan something like, quarter past the hour and quarter to the hour. I'd aim for family / friends to be there first.

Runbuk: Once you leave the runners-only area, the Runbuk banner will be visible, and our team will be available there to assist you if required.

How do I get back to the hotel after the marathon?

Runbuk: Our hotels are located in the heart of London and within walking distance from the marathon finish area. Here is the Runbuk Map with directions. You can also find the marathon course route, the start area, landmarks along the course from the link above.

Would you run this race again?

John: Yes. It's one of my favorite races. I've ran it 6 times already as part of the Runner's World pacing Team, and 1 time as part of Runbuk Group.

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3D Elevation Map for the World Marathon Majors